Welcome to Lincoln Animal Ambassadors

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors is committed to improving the lives of animals and alleviating cruelty in Lincoln and the surrounding area. We promote enriching our community through progressive thinking, education, awareness and public support.

We are Proactive through our educational programs.
We are Involved by actively assisting animals.
We are Progressive by creating programs that promote forward thinking solutions for animals.
We are Compassionate with our commitment to alleviating the cruelty of animals.

We are an all volunteer organization with no paid employees. Our members are a variety of people who are concerned about the welfare of our animals.

The Lincoln Animal Ambassadors is an excellent venue for people to get involved, without having direct commitment to rescue work.

We are assisting pets and their people with our low cost spay/neuter program, our temporary assistance pet food bank, as well as educating the community about being responsible pet guardians.

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  • Our programs are designed to further our mission and provide much needed services for our constituents.

  • Fundraisers and events help us raise awareness and generate crucial resources to serve our community. Join us at our next event and see how you can get involved.

  • Improve your community by joining our cause. You'd be surprised at what a huge difference a little bit of your time can make.

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