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Consider volunteering for LAA!

Fill out the form below to submit your application or click here to download our pdf volunteer form.

LAA is an all-volunteer organization and volunteers are essential to our operations. LAA runs an income-based spay/neuter voucher program, which issues vouchers individuals can use to reduce the cost of getting their pet spayed or neutered. This helps to prevent pet homelessness by reducing unwanted litters. LAA also maintains a need-based pet food bank, helping pets stay in homes when their human's life get tough. LAA promotes enrichment of our community through progressive thinking, education, awareness, and public support. We are committed to addressing the root causes of animal homelessness in our community. LAA is committed to prevention strategies and is not a rescue, we do not directly care for any homeless animals. By volunteering with LAA, you become a part of our mission to prevent homeless animals.

Because our programs rely on volunteers to operate, we need reliable volunteers who can make a commitment to LAA. Volunteers looking to fulfill community service hours as required by school or court mandate can only help in limited areas due to training requirements. We ask that you be at least 16 years of age to volunteer in order to fulfill school-required community service and at least 18 years of age for other volunteering. Younger volunteers may be able to participate in limited areas and must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Some of our position descriptions are listed below, along with approximate time commitments. Please review these descriptions before to completing the application. Once the application is submitted, we will contact you. All volunteers are asked to attend one of our pet food bank distributions as an orientation to LAA.

Here are just a few opportunities we have available:

Phone Line Shifts - Returning Pet Food Bank and Spay/Neuter Inquiry Calls

LAA has several phone line shifts open to pick up inquiries from pet food bank recipients and/or spay/neuter inquiries. These phone calls can be picked up from the comfort of your own home, using your own telephone and the hours are flexible. You do not need to pick up the call when it comes in. You will have 48 hours to return a call from a voicemail message system. Having access to a computer with an internet connection is necessary to communicate with the other LAA volunteers via email and tracking calls using our automated response system. Some experience in viewing and entering small amounts of data on a spreadsheet and our custom software. This type of volunteer position consists of approximately two hours per week or less, depending on your shift.

Tabling Events
This volunteer position requires the volunteer to attend shows, fairs, and expos. The volunteer will promote LAA and its programs through interaction with show attendees. We have brochures and other printed material available for distribution. Hours vary and usually consist of a shift during the event.

Fundraising Events
Volunteers at fundraising events have varied duties. Typically, they help with set-up and tear-down, help with food preparation and clean-up, raffle sales, admissions table, and generally help as needed. Hours and days vary but typically are weekend or evening hours.

Other Volunteer Opportunities Available

Many other volunteer opportunities are available on an as-needed basis and in various areas. 
If you have ever considered volunteering for a worthy cause, we would love to talk to you. LAA has no paid employees and relies on volunteers to accomplish its mission. You can help pets and their owners by contacting us

  1. Pet food bank volunteers—evening.
  2. Volunteers with a truck, van, or trailer to periodically transport large donations of food.
  3. Volunteers to occasionally assist with the loading/unloading of food donations or re-organization at the warehouse.
  4. Volunteers who have computer and spreadsheet experience.
  5. Volunteers with fundraising experience.
  6. Volunteers to deliver event posters or quarterly newsletters on a specified route.
  7. Volunteers willing to contact companies to ask for donations for the Food Bank.
  8. Self motivated and creative volunteers to promote and supervise pet food/litter drives with organizations, companies and schools in the community.
Volunteer Information

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