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Pet Food Bank

To receive temporary assistance from the Pet Food Bank, please read the following:

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors’ Pet Food Bank is a Income Based Program that offers temporary assistance to help families feed their pets. The program is not intended to be a permanent source of pet food. Pick up is limited to one time per month.

The program is designed to help families keep their pets when the alternative is sending them to a shelter or rescue. Our ability to assist depends on the donations we receive. Our assistance is limited to the types of food and supplies that have been donated. We cannot guarantee we will always be able to fill all requests, especially requests for specific brands of food or specialty diets. We can only accept applications from residents of Lancaster County.

Requirements to accept temporary assistance with pet food from Lincoln Animal Ambassadors:

  • Complete the application below
  • Present current drivers license or ID when accepting pet food
  • Agree to participate in Lincoln Animal Ambassador’s low cost spay/neuter program if pets are unaltered.

Pet food can be received by a household one (1) time every thirty (30) days. You may apply for more than one (1) pet at that time.

To apply to receive pet food, fill out the form below or call 402.817.1168.

Pet Food Pickup Location:

3901 N 27th St
Lincoln, NE 68521

Days and times for pickup may vary according to volunteer availability and require a scheduled appointment.

Pet Food Bank Guidelines for Proof of Financial Need

Each individual who applies for temporary assistance through Lincoln Animal Ambassador’s Pet Food Bank and states they do not have the money to pay for their animal's food will be asked to provide proof of financial need. You will need to provide proof of financial need in one of the two following ways:

  1. To automatically qualify for financial assistance, you can provide one of the following:

    Currently receiving WIC – with Statement of qualifying benefit period

    Currently receiving Medicaid – with Statement of qualifying benefit period

    Current receiving Food Stamps (SNAP) – with Statement of qualifying benefit period

  2. If you do not have any of the above, you must supply the following in order to be considered for financial assistance.

  • Valid Proof of identity – State issued photo id/driver’s license, a federal, state or local government, or military ID card.

  • Proof of income – Earned and unearned (gross) income for all persons residing in the home. (Gross income is what you have before taxes or anything is taken out.

    You can show “earned income” with your paycheck stubs for the past month.

    “Unearned” income is money you get that is not a pay check. This could be child support or unemployment compensation benefits or disability benefits that you get.

  • If you are self-employed, you must show a copy of last year’s income tax return.

We follow the WIC Income Eligibility Guidelines to determine if someone is eligible for assistance. See the income chart here.

You can submit your financial proof documents by choosing one of the following:

  1. You can mail your financial proof documents to:

               Lincoln Animal Ambassadors
               P.O. Box 67072
               Lincoln, NE 68506

        2. You can scan your financial proof documents and upload them by clicking on the link below.

Upload Documents

Pet Food Bank Rules and Guidelines
  • I understand that in receiving assistance I MUST complete an application and agree to the rules and guidelines for this program.

  • I understand that the head of the household must apply. By initialing this form, I am stating that I am the head of the household. I understand that there may be only one account per family.

  • I understand that my application will be reviewed by a Lincoln Animal Ambassadors (LAA) representative prior to qualifying for our Temporary Assistance Pet Food Bank.

  • I understand that the following forms of valid identification MUST be presented to LAA: State-issued photo ID/drivers license, pay stub, or other form of government-issued check.

    If you receive government assistance, we require proof dated within two weeks. If there is no income due to job loss, we need proof of unemployment approval or denial. If unemployment is not available, then we need proof that a job is being searched for (i.e. temp agency-type employment). Additional proof of income may be asked for at the discretion of LAA.

  • I understand that ALL pets in the household must be spayed/neutered. PROOF IS REQUIRED. Or, you must cooperate with LAA's spay/neuter program to get your pet spayed or neutered in order to receive assistance.

  • I understand that I will not be able to get any more animals than the ones I have authorized on application. If I get more animals, I understand that it shows I am more than able to care for the ones I already have. If I choose to get more pets I will NOT receive assistance from LAA.

  • I understand that my pet(s) will NOT be used for breeding purposes or illegal acts.

  • I understand that I will not tether or chain my dog longer than one (1) hour unattended.

  • I understand that I will keep my cat indoors at all times, for the health and safety of my cat.

  • I understand that I am only allowed to have one person other than myself authorized to pick up food for me.

  • I understand that I will be issued a Temporary Assistance Pet Food Bank card. The card MUST be presented by an assigned account holder each time assistance is needed. I understand that if said card is lost or stolen, I will pay a $10.00 replacement fee.

  • I understand that all requests for assistance are limited to ONE request per month according to availability. I understand that the amount of donations received varies, and therefore I may not receive the same amount of food each month.

  • I understand LAA will not provide all meals for my pets. I understand this is a temporary assistance program designed to assist in feeding my pet.

  • I understand that I will not be able to use the program if I am found abusing it.

  • I understand I will be terminated from the program for being rude or pushy to any staff member about assistance. Please understand that we are not a government assistance program. We are not required to assist. We are based solely off of donations. This means that we may not be able to help with all of your needs. All assistance is given on a case-by-case basis, even when you are approved for the program.

LAA reserves the right to revise, alter, or otherwise change any and/or all components of the Temporary Assistance Pet Food Bank rules and guidelines without notice to participants.

I agree with and understand the above.

Pet Food Bank Application for Temporary Assistance

Total Household Gross Income
(Enter n/a for non-applicable fields)


Please List Assistance Received
(Enter n/a for non-applicable fields)

Electronic Signature

Click below to download the Pet Food Bank Application Packet in PDF format:

Pet Food Bank Application Packet

Please note: When application is completed you must call 402.817.1168 and leave a voice mail to arrange to pick up food for your pet(s).

Bring your Pet Food Bank Application for Temporary Assistance when you pick up your first pet food donation.