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our mission

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors is addressing the root causes of animal homelessness in Lincoln and the surrounding area.

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors assists pets and their people through a voucher-based low cost spay/neuter program, a temporary assistance pet food bank, a low-cost vaccination clinic, and teaching people about being responsible pet guardians at community events.

  • Animals Spayed/Neutered
    Animals Spayed/Neutered


  • Families Helped
    Families Helped


  • Lbs Food Distributed
    Lbs Food Distributed


  • Cans Food Distributed
    Cans Food Distributed


News & Announcements

This past year I’ve grown substantially in how I run Allison Helps Cats. Some of the changes I’ve made to my business are due to the types of classes I’ve taken and my beginning to work with cats in different …

The Hursts adopted their first dog while at their cabin. Just over ten years ago, around 2009, a Beagle would regularly greet them in their driveway every Friday, and would often stay the weekend with them. According to Lou Hurst, …

Although I don’t review books for young people anymore, I still sometimes receive requests that I can’t resist. E-versions of the following three animal books were sent to me. I am not a Skunk by Ellen Pilch Harold and the Poopy Little Puppy by Ellen Crowe Chasing the Blue Sky by William Lowrey Each of these e-books is for a different age group and has a different focus. The quality of each also differs, but one captivated me enough that I asked for a print version. Chasing the Blue Sky by William Lowrey is the story of a Toby, a …

Ever since I first heard of the Amazing Acro-Cats, I have been a fan. The Amazing Acro-cats was founded in 2006 by animal trainer Samantha Martin and features a troupe of rescued cats that perform tricks in response to a …