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Lincoln Animal Ambassadors is addressing the root causes of animal homelessness in Lincoln and the surrounding area.

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors assists pets and their people through a voucher-based low cost spay/neuter program, a temporary assistance pet food bank, a low-cost vaccination clinic, and teaching people about being responsible pet guardians at community events.

  • Animals Spayed/Neutered
    Animals Spayed/Neutered


  • Families Helped
    Families Helped


  • Lbs Food Distributed
    Lbs Food Distributed


  • Cans Food Distributed
    Cans Food Distributed


News & Announcements

Pawsome Reads Book Club is an online Facebook book club for like minded pet owners and animal enthusiasts who appreciate the bond between humans and their animal companions. A friendly community, the only rules are nominated books must relate to pets or animal/human and that members must treat each other with kindness. Featured books are discussed by sharing of thoughts and findings with no personal details of members shared. This post carries reviews from host Catherine Smith and from member Marcy Graybill of the club’s featured reads H is for Hawk. CATHERINE’S REVIEW H is for Hawk is a beautifully crafted …

If you’re thinking about adding a new pet to your family, be on your guard against online pet scams. According to a study conducted by the Better Business Bureau, as much as 80% of paid advertisements about pets may be fake. The BBB Scam Tracker has 907 reports on pet scams, and the Federal Trade Commission has 37,000 complaints involving pets brought online. The BBB says that it’s understandable why pet scams are so pervasive. Pet ownership has been growing in popularity, with the selection of a pet being viewed as the first step toward bringing a pet into the …

For dog lovers, The Book of Joe is quirky little book with lots of personality. It’s written by Vincent Price of Hollywood fame who starred as a villain in dozens of macabre horror films. Far from being scary, however, The Book of Joe is a light-hearted and humorous account of Price’s life with pets. An orange-brown-black haired mutt who came into an empty moment in Price’s life is the star of this memoir. Price referred to him as “all dog”. At one moment, Joe could dutifully put up with hauling and yanking of a five-year-old boy (Price’s son), and in another moment …

August 21, 2016: Poor Shine has been overlooked. A friend forwarded my pictures to a family who travelled quite some distance yesterday to meet him. They were at the point of signing the adoption papers when his excitement bubbled over and he jumped at Dad too excitedly. The ACO could not let him go with them. He is so depressed in the kennel that he has chewed the end of his own tail off. He shows no aggression to people just desperate excitement. He needs a rescue by 9/1 or a difficult decision will be made for his quality of …